COBAGRiP® GRP Stair Nosing

Increase stair safety with highly visible GRP anti-slip stair nosing

  • Durable and easy to install on both existing and new-build steps.
  • A hard wearing, gritty surface available in bright colours helps protect against slips and trips whilst meeting the Equality Act requirements (DDA).
  • GRP stair nosing profile suitable for external stairs such as internal stairs.
  • R13 slip resistance according to DIN 51130
  • Easy assembly by gluing or screwing.
  • Manufactured with chamfered back edge for additional safety.

Styles Available

GRP Stair Nosing Yellow
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Part NumberSizeColourWeight
GRP070001N3 m x 55 mm x 55 mmYellow1.80 kg
GRP070002N2 m x 55 mm x 55 mmYellow1.20 kg
GRP070003N1.5 m x 55 mm x 55 mmYellow0.90 kg
GRP070004N1 m x 55 mm x 55 mmYellow0.60 kg

Technical Specification

Product Height5 mm
Operating Temperature-10°C to +80°C
Environmental ResistanceSuitable for indoor and outdoor environments
Typical ApplicationsExternal steps
Installation MethodBond or screw to surface
Cleaning MethodCOBAGRiP should be almost maintenance free in most outside environments. Natural elements will have the effect of cleaning COBAGRiP. Brushing and flushing with a mild detergent solution may be desirable now and again to restore appearance.
Country of OriginChina
Slip Tested toDIN 51130 - R13 & BS 7676-2 - low slip potential



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Why is stair nosing required on stairs?

GRP Stair Nosing can make a real difference when it comes to reducing slip hazards and generally increasing safety underfoot on industrial or public stairways. Stair nosing can be used for interior or exterior applications.

By installing GRP stair nosing, slips and trips can be prevented, especially in high-traffic areas. Our experts recommend considering stair safety as part of each new buildings design process. However, if this hasn’t been planned, heavy duty anti-slip stair nosing can be installed easily on old steps just as effectively. Our anti-slip GRP stair nosings have a durable silicone carbide surface for long-lasting wear, making them the perfect long term solution.

Our cost effective range has been designed with a hard wearing gritty surface to help prevent slips on stairs, the chamfered back edge also provides additional safety. The surface is made from silicon carbide, and provides the stair nosing with superior underfoot grip properties, even in wet, oily, or icy conditions.

The three key features of GRP stair nosing improve safety for both employees and the public. The gritted top surface improves slip resistance underfoot, even in harsh environments. The bright yellow defines the edge of each step, improving visibility, especially in lowlight conditions. While the chamfered back edge reduces the risk of trip hazards. By taking the necessary precautions, the chance of compensation claims can by limited for slip and trip accidents.

The HSE reports thousands of slips and trips in the work place and public spaces each year. They recommend taking precautions at the start of the design process for a new building. See our 5 top tips to help prevent slips on outdoor stairs and steps.

GRP Stair Nosing is suitable for existing or new-build steps, and available in yellow which meets DDA visibility requirements (disability discrimination act). The yellow colour is very visible and defines the edge of steps in low level light, such as dark mornings and evenings during Autumn and Winter.

The stair nosings are robust, durable, quick and easy to install and maintain. The durable nosings are almost maintenance free, as when installed outdoors, the natural elements have a cleaning effect. Occasionally, a mild detergent, along with brushing, can be used to improve overall appearance.

To support you with your project, we offer a Supply and Install Service. Where we’ll take care of everything from specification to installation. There’s also the option to organise your installation overnight, to prevent any business down time. 

Our COBAGRiP® flooring range includes GRP sheets and GRP treads, which are also manufactured from fibreglass, to improve safety underfoot. See our full range of GRP Flooring products.