Adesilex G19

Two-part polyurethane adhesive used for bonding flooring

  • Strong adhesive suitable for a wide range of flooring, such as; rubber, PVC, semi-flexible vinyl sheet and tile, textile and linoleum floor coverings
  • Can be used both internally and externally on non-absorbent or moisture-sensitive areas.
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Part Number Size Colour Weight Price Request
AD000001 10kg pot covers approx 20 m2 N/A 10.40 kg Request Price
AD000002 5kg pot covers approx 10 m2 N/A 5.35 kg Request Price

Technical Specification

Operating Temperature -10°C to +70°C
UV Resistance No
Typical Applications Contract flooring adhesive
Cleaning Method May be removed from surfaces , tools, clothing etc. with Pulicol or alcohol before the hardening reaction takes place.
Country of Origin UK


Product Information



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