When it comes to specifying a tough, safe floor surface, it doesn’t get much stronger or more effective than COBAGRiP®, our range of heavy-duty GRP sheets offering the ultimate in slip-resistance and durability.

Choose from either our standard ‘rigid’ GRP sheets for more punishing environments, or opt for the ‘Light’ version which is a thinner, flexible anti slip sheet alternative that can even be used on undulating floor surfaces. We recommend our standard COBAGRiP Sheet for areas where forklift trucks are being used.

UV stabilised, flame retardant and resistant to most solvents and chemicals, our sheets are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, from factory floors to public pathways and footbridges, and are resistant to degradation from exposure to sunlight and corrosion.

As with all our COBAGRiP products, our GRP sheets with their carbide silicon ‘gritted surface’ have excellent anti-slip characteristics in wet, icy, dry or oily conditions.  They are available in a range of sizes in black, grey or yellow.