Reduce the risk of slipping on wet, oily or icy surfaces with our popular COBAGRiP® GRP flooring range. GRP, a glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass) composite, has many benefits as a safety floor surface.

Our COBAGRiP range, available as GRP sheets, GRP stair treads and GRP stair nosing, is a very effective underfoot safety solution for internal and external grp walkways, ramps and stairs.

All options in our GRP flooring range have a silicon carbide ‘gritted’ top surface with exceptional underfoot grip properties. Our products have been Slip-Tested to R13 in accordance with DIN 51130:2010 and Pendulum Slip-Tested in line with BS 7976-2:2002 achieving PTV 79 in dry conditions and PTV 73 in wet conditions.

Flame retardant and chemical resistant, our GRP flooring is very robust, and can withstand the punishment of heavy-duty wear and tear. It is also UV stabilised, and therefore weatherproof, making it suitable for extreme climatic conditions.

An ideal hassle-free solution for refurbishing damaged floor surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors, our range is easy to install (simply glue or screw to the existing surface) and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.