With the cold snap now upon us, both work and public environments are in danger of becoming more hazardous.

shovelling snow

*Slip-related accidents remain one of the highest-ranking causes of non-fatal injuries in a work environment. A simple slip can lead to very serious injury, resulting in working days lost, or in some extreme cases, even fatality.

COBA Europe’s COBAGRiP® GRP flooring range is an ideal solution to combat slip hazards in both public and work environments. GRP anti-slip products can play a huge part in making floor surfaces safer for employees and the public alike.

Our COBAGRiP® range offers a wide choice of products. These include COBAGRiP® Sheet, UV stabilised sheets in both standard and light-duty grades, available in black, grey and yellow. There are also COBAGRiP® Stair Treads in black/yellow and black/white as well as COBAGRiP® Stair Nosing available in yellow for bright colour visibility, meeting DDA requirements.


The COBAGRiP® range can be used both indoors and outdoors and provides excellent anti-slip properties in wet or icy conditions due to its silicon carbide gritted surface. COBAGRiP® can be either glued or screwed to the floor surface, allowing for a hassle-free installation, making it the perfect choice for floors, walkways, and stairways. It also requires little to no maintenance, even when used outdoors.

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Source: HSE