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5 Super Tips To Maintaining Gym Mats

Here are 5 quick tips for maintaining Gym Mats, these tips are ideal for home gyms and public gyms:

1. Before you install

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We know its cold in the UK, so when PVC and Rubber mats are delivered they can be a bit stiff. Placing the product in room temperature location for 24hrs is often required to help them get back to normal. It will also make the mat flexible and help prevent tearing or damage when rolled out.

2. Cleaning Gym Mats

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How to clean gym mats?

  • Firstly remove any loose dirt and grit form the mat.
  • Then clean the surface with pH cleaner and a disinfectant before and after use. This keeps mats as clean and healthy as possible.

3. Chemical Disinfectant

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How to disinfect gym mats?

  • Experts recommend the use of disinfectants specifically designed for Gym Mats. The reason behind using a specific disinfectant is not only to improve cleanliness in the area, but to also not leave behind any trace of chemical residue on the mat.
  • And as a rule of thumb always use fresh solution.

4. Clean Under the Gym Mat

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Whilst it is not essential to clean under the mat, you get long-term benefits by doing so. How? Over a long period of time, moisture and mildew build up in areas between and under the mat. This impacts the both the mat and the floor underneath. To extend the life of the mat, it would be ideal to mop under the mat every few weeks.

5. Invest in Entrance Mats

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Majority of dirt is brought into buildings due to lack of entrance matting. If you place mats around various entrance points in the building you will trap dirt and capture moisture before it hits the clean gym mats. This investment proves to be cost-effective as you save time and money on cleaning the mats as well as reduce wear and tear. Now that’s a Bonus Tip!

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