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5 Essential Tips for Dealing with the Snow

5 Essential Tips for Dealing with the Snow

Most of us (certainly school children!) have at least one wish each winter. That is to see the UK blanketed in snow for days on end.  Of course, it makes it hard for commuters to get to work which is a downside.  It’s not just the road and rail network it clogs up.  Snow has a habit of engulfing news reports and panic prevails.  But the joy brought by snow can be priceless.  From kids building snowmen and having snowball fights, to the ‘big kids’ who can’t resist sledging in the park!  It’s inevitable though that snow turns to slush, leaving behind dangerous slippery surfaces.

Britain is renowned for unpredictable weather so it’s always good to be prepared.

So, here are my 5 top tips for getting through this.

5 Essential Tips for Dealing with the Snow

1. Smartphones

A man uses Samsung Electronics' new Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone during its launch in London

Source: Engineering and Technology Magazine

Download a widget/app that gives a detailed daily forecast.  The benefit is the latest weather forecast is at your fingertips every hour.  As we know, predictions strengthen as we get closer to the hour – far more accurate than checking the day before.

2. De-icer

Source: The Telegraph

Source: The Telegraph

On a cold morning, getting out of bed can be harder. This delays you when leaving the house and getting to work. A quick way to make up for that time is having a de-icer to hand, to ensure windows are ice-free and safe for driving within minutes. Yes you can put on the fan for the front windscreen, but be warned it will take longer when a car has been off overnight.

3. WD-40

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

With old cars, locks tend to freeze in temperatures under 0°C so keeping a can of WD-40 in the house is always helpful.

4. Entrance mats


Source: COBA Europe – Tough Turf

As obvious as it may sound, having a mat to scrape off the snow will save you a lot of time and money. Time if it’s for your house, and money if it’s for your business. Cleaning time and costs are reduced, interior floors last longer and floor surfaces stay safer, reducing slipping.

5. Gloves


Source: PPDX collective

One of the essentials when going outside in the winter! They will keep your hands warmer than having them exposed to chilly winds, and will enable you to carry out tasks at easier.  Keeping extremities warm, such as hands and feet, will help keep your body temperature up.

These are top 5 tips out of many we’d recommend during the snowy periods of winter. Got any others tips? Visit our LinkedIn company page and leave a comment on this update. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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