Warehouse Aisles

By on 18th March 2014

GRP for Warehouse Aisles

Warehouses facilitate all types of goods which will naturally influence their design. They very often require access by foot and forklift or pallet truck. Suitable, safe flooring that can withstand the weight of forklift trucks is recommended for this sort of environment. It is not always easy to find safety flooring that suits both, but COBA’s GRP sheet flooring is certainly an effective solution.

The Silicon Carbide gritted top surface provides a safe anti-slip walkway for warehouse workers, even in the event of liquid spillage, such as water or oil. GRP is ‘glass reinforced plastic’ and because of this, COBAGRiP® can withstand the impact of heavy weights, whether these are pallets stacked on the floor or a forklift truck driving over it. It won’t dent should an object fall on it and has exceptional resilience to cracking under weights.

COBAGRiP® has excellent anti-corrosion properties, and is manufactured from flame retardant materials making it a durable and safe choice for a wide variety of warehouse environments.