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GRP for Access Ramps

Access ramps (especially ramps that have a smooth concrete, metal or tiled surface) can be a slip hazard. What’s more, should they get wet, oily or icy they then can also become perilous. Even relatively gentle gradients can pose a risk to those who use them, and hand rails are not always sufficient to prevent a fall or slip.

The installation of COBAGRiP® sheet flooring for both indoor and outdoor ramps is one effective way to alleviate such dangers whether in the workplace, or in public areas. While the Silicon Carbide surface creates a ‘gritted’ surface making it safer to walk on, it does not create a problem for pulling or pushing wheeled trolleys. It has been Ramp Slip Tested to R13 in accordance with DIN 51130:2010.

COBAGRiP® is also available in two thickness options; the thinnest (Light) version is only 2.4mm high so when it is fitted to an access ramp, there should not be any uneven surfaces or ‘ridges’ that could otherwise present trip hazards, or become a hindrance for wheel chairs or any type of wheeled trolley for that matter.

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