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‘Witch’ Entrance Mat?

The clocks have gone back and Halloween is here again.  At COBA Flooring we wanted to join in the fun so please forgive the cheesy pun about ‘witch’ entrance mat!  (This is what happens when our Marketing team gets over-excited about the annual COBA tradition of ‘pumpkin carving!)

Witch Entrance Mat


On a serious note, these events are a stark reminder that winter is just around the corner.  And if you haven’t done so already, this is the time to think about your entrance matting requirements for those cold, wet – possibly icy months that lay ahead.

We appreciate that choosing the right entrance flooring is not always as easy as it may seem; after all you want matting to look good, but also do an effective job when it comes to removing moisture and debris from footwear.  All this, and fit in the floor space provided with minimum installation hassle.

The initial question to ask is ‘how much footfall will the matting be subjected to?’ because some entrance mats are designed for heavy-duty use, while others are only suitable for light to medium use.  This is a crucial factor if you want to get maximum performance and value for money from your investment.

There are all sorts of considerations to be made starting with the type of system. For example, this could range from a simple loose lay door mats, to a PVC interlocking tile system, or even a more elaborate tailor-made aluminium entrance system.

Entrance Matting

Options will of course alter depending on whether the matting is to be installed in a recessed mat well or laid to the floor surface.  Shape and size can be influencers too – many reception foyers have circular shaped floor spaces so knowing that the specified matting can be cut to shape or tailor-made to the required shape is important.

Then there is the type of material used in the entrance matting.  Some materials have certain wear and UV resistance characteristics.  For example, nylon has excellent crush-resistant properties and is normally ideal for heavy-duty use.

Specifying sufficient length of matting is imperative for optimum dirt and moisture wiping performance, and all too often is not adequate in many buildings to be truly effective.

We have mentioned just a few considerations when it comes to entrance matting decision-making. It’s worth remembering that COBA Flooring has a knowledgeable sales and customer service team who can help you with any queries you may have about which entrance mat to choose for your location.