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Reflections on Some of Our Favourite Retail Installations

Over the years we’re proud to say that we’ve provided flooring and matting to numerous buildings and environments, from schools to football clubs. Here, we take a look at our favourite retail installations.



The centre:mk in Milton Keynes is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. With over 240 stores, cafes and restaurants, centre:mk attracts around 30 million visitors per annum. With such high levels of traffic, entrance matting that was resilient but also functional was needed.

We were able to provide Premier Track to centre:mk, the ideal matting for entrance wells. Premier Track effectively helps to track dirt and moisture on entry to reduce the risk of slipping and is able to withstand high amounts of pedestrian traffic, making it perfect for busy shopping centres. Premier Track is also made up of individual tiles which are able to be moved, cleaned and replaced with ease, making it cost-effective as there is no need to invest in an entirely new system.

Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre

Entrance Matting Royal Victoria Place Tunbridge Wells

The popular Royal Victoria Place shopping centre in Kent spans over three floors and holds over 200 stores as well as a wide choice of restaurants. The shopping centre has three different entrance points that needed recessed matwells that could handle the large amount of footfall.

Like with the centre:mk, we provided Premier Track to the Royal Victoria Place shopping centre, to help combat the wear and tear that high amounts of footfall can cause to entrances. The Royal Victoria Place shopping centre also took advantage of our custom printed Logomat, which has an 11-year warranty against fading.


primark barrier matting

Primark stores have proven to be popular all over the country, each store receiving hundreds of visitors a day. The Primark store in Coventry was looking for matting that was robust and high-quality to be able to withstand high amounts of traffic.

Plan.a is a versatile aluminium entrance matting, ideal for heavy-duty use. Custom-made to order with a 10-year warranty and available with three different surface options, including carpet and PVC scraper inserts. Plan.a is flexible, yet durable, with PVC linking joints for ease of handling/fitting, making it perfect for a store with such a high volume of pedestrian traffic.

Somerset Mall

Somerset Mall is a hugely popular shopping centre in Helderberg, South Africa. It houses designer and fashion retail stores as well as supermarkets, a ten-pin bowling alley and cinema complex. Somerset Mall needed a substantial amount of matting that would be able to withstand wear and tear, but also be able to decrease the amount of dirt and dust tracked into the mall by its visitors.

premier tile

COBA Flooring provided a large quantity of Premier Plus. Around 1000 Premier Plus tiles were installed in the Somerset Mall’s four main entrances. Premier Plus can withstand high amounts of pedestrian traffic and effectively scrapes dirt and moisture away from shoes, helping to keep the Somerset Mall clean and free of dirt and dust. The Premier Plus tiles are easy to cut to shape which makes for straightforward installation.

From stores in Coventry to shopping malls in South Africa, we’ve provided flooring and matting to a large number of retail environments. We hope to continue adding to our list of satisfied customers.