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Even Penguins Need Anti-Slip Flooring!


It’s not often we get to write about penguins for COBA Flooring, but this is the perfect opportunity. At COBA, we talk about the risks of slippery floor surfaces on a daily basis and more importantly, we discuss the safety merits of installing anti-slip flooring and matting. It is certainly not every day you hear about penguins slipping on icy floor surfaces, but this is a true story we picked up in last week’s news – our ears naturally pricked up!

Now, these penguins were not on real ice. It was an artificial ice floor surface at an aquarium in Hull. The problem of slipping and skidding penguins occurred after some maintenance work in their enclosure but happily it was spotted by staff within minutes, and the penguins were quickly transferred to a safer area. Some more ‘grip’ has been put down for them and they were scheduled to return to their enclosure yesterday (9th February).

Of course, it’s not just penguins that need ‘more grip’. We humans need it too, especially in icy or wet conditions. The recent snow storms were a harsh reminder. COBAGRiP, ‘GRP’ safety flooring products for walkways and stairways, provide an effective solution to reduce the risk of slipping.

Even Penguins Need Anti-Slip Flooring

GRP flooring (short for glass reinforced plastic) is the type of product that many of us take for granted when we are out and about, or in our place of work. But, believe us, when we say it is everywhere – from railway station stairs and platforms, to retail stairs, factory floors and public walkways. (When we say, ‘everywhere’ the slight exclusion may be penguin enclosures!)

COBAGRiP is available in UV stabilised Sheet (either in standard or light duty grades) as well as Stair Treads or Stair Nosing. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and with a silicon carbide gritted surface has excellent anti-slip properties in wet, icy or even oily conditions. COBAGRiP is either glued or screwed to the floor surface for hassle-free installation. This makes it a great choice for floor/walkway/stairway refurbishment projects. GRP sheets are available in black, grey and yellow, while the GRP stair treads (fully covering the stair area) and stair nosing (covering just the edge of the stair) have yellow DDA compliant borders for awareness and visibility.

So please don’t skid like penguins on the ice.  Take some preventative measures by installing anti-slip floor products from COBA, such as COBAGRiP.

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