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‘Tyred’ of Standing? Not with Orthomat®

TT Assembly Systems (UK) Ltd is experiencing the benefits from installing Orthomat® anti-fatigue matting from COBA Europe Ltd at its newest UK facility in Birmingham, which assembles wheels and tyres for Range Rover vehicles.

With a total of three plants including its main UK office and manufacturing facility at Castle Donington and a further location in Liverpool, TT Assembly Systems started production at its still relatively new Birmingham premises last June (2012). High demand for its service dictates a five day, 24 hour, three-shift working pattern at the Birmingham plant, which has over 60 people employed on the shop floor alone.

Creating a comfortable and safe working environment in this busy area is imperative, not least for those on the shop floor whose jobs necessitate lengthy periods of standing.  While tasks are swapped every two hours, TT Assembly Systems has invested in Orthomat® matting to further enhance comfort and alleviate the effects of fatigue from prolonged standing.  The rolls of matting have been installed along the numerous tyre lanes.

“When we opened the Birmingham plant, we quickly realised that we needed to use some form of anti-fatigue matting instead of standing directly on the concrete floor,” says Paul Parr, Production Group Leader at TT Assembly Systems Birmingham.  “We tried a variety of samples from different matting suppliers and asked our own shop floor team which one they preferred.  It was Orthomat® from COBA Europe that came out tops and we have been specifying that product since. It is very comfortable to stand on and the bright yellow borders create a safe path.”

Orthomat® Safety, from COBA Europe’s popular Orthomat® range, is durable anti-fatigue matting manufactured from 100% closed cell PVC foam, which provides cushioning underfoot.  This cushioning helps to encourage subtle foot movement, which promotes circulation and in turn alleviates fatigue from standing.  It features a pebbled textured surface which also helps to provide extra grip and is available with or without yellow safety borders. It is one of COBA Europe’s best sellers for a wide range of industrial locations. Orthomat® is available in a range of widths and lengths.