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Standing all day, every day, can take its toll on the body – make a change before it’s too late!

If your employer doesn’t issue anti-fatigue mats to stand on, then they’re potentially not providing a safe working environment.

We are offering businesses of 25 employees or more a trial anti-fatigue mat absolutely FREE for 30 days! All we’ll ask for in return is some feedback on your experience.

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Watch our explainer video to discover the stats that every standing worker should be aware of.

Request a FREE trial sample today and see for yourself how anti-fatigue matting can reduce strain and combat the risks of standing for long periods.

Still not sure about the benefits of anti-fatigue matting?

Case Study

Even small manufacturing companies can feel big benefits from using anti-fatigue mats – read more here.

Fira team

Case Study

The UK’s largest shoe manufacturer installed anti-fatigue mats and are already feeling the benefit – read more here.

Hotter Shoes

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