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When is it best to use loose lay entrance mats?

What are loose lay entrance mats?

Loose lay entrance mats are matting that does not have to be installed either in a matwell or adhered to the floor. They can simply be placed onto the floor surface and then removed quickly and easily when no longer needed. It is not necessary to prepare the floor and does not warrant installation by a professional flooring contractor. Loose lay entrance matting is cost-effective, easy to ‘install’ (simply lay to the floor) and can be relocated to different areas if needed. There are loose lay entrance mats available for both commercial and domestic use.

loose lay matting

When is it best to use loose lay entrance matting?

Loose lay entrance matting can be used in a number of different ways. For example, we provide loose lay matting that can be used to offer extra protection from the risk of slipping to employees indoors as well as outdoors.

The purpose of entrance matting is to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture, to protect interior floor surfaces. We also have loose lay matting that can be used for domestic environments to help keep dirt and contaminants out of the home.

Our Ringmat loose lay entrance matting is the ideal choice for slip-resistant matting for outdoor use. Ringmat is ideal for areas with heavy pedestrian traffic and can help reduce the risk of slips and falls even in icy conditions.

loose lay matting

First-Step is ideal for those who have hygiene in mind. Not exactly a conventional mat, First-Step is designed with ‘tacky’ sheets to collect dirt and dust from footwear. Once the top sheet becomes soiled it can be simply peeled off to reveal a clean layer. First-Step comes with self-adhesive backing which can be stuck directly to floor surfaces. It supports contamination control for hospitals and clean rooms, as well as for general industrial and food contact applications.

first step loose lay mats

COBAwash® is ideal for commercial as well as domestic use, available in a number of sizes, including smaller sizes which can be washed in a domestic washing machine. COBAwash® is reusable and can be a cost-effective way to trap debris, dirt and dust at the entrance point of a building.

cobawash loose lay matting

We offer a wide range of loose lay entrance matting for all environments. View the full range of loose lay matting.

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