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How do anti-fatigue mats help?

There are many industrial matting options available today, some specifically designed to reduce fatigue from prolonged standing.

Anti-fatigue mats can be manufactured from many different materials, such as rubber matting, PVC, vinyl foam to give just a few examples, but all will provide some form of cushioning under foot for a comfortable standing surface.   Some materials, such as rubber or those with a PVC top surface, are generally more durable.

Installation of anti-fatigue matting helps to promote regular movement as the feet naturally adapt to the cushioned surface of the mat.  The movement of muscles contracting and expanding is very subtle, but is enough to reduce, even prevent in some cases, the health risks associated with standing.  Anti-fatigue matting helps blood flow which in turn helps oxygen reach the heart.

Pain can also lead to tiredness and a lapse in concentration, which in turn can lead to other accidents – not necessarily just slipping.  That is why industrial matting, such as anti-fatigue, plays such an important role in workplace safety and comfort.

COBA offers an extensive range of industrial matting, including its popular Orthomat® collection of anti-fatigue mats.

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