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When a Tacky Doormat is a Good Thing!

Tacky doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, especially when ‘tacky’ by design!  That is exactly what COBA’s Clean-Step tacky mat is designed to be.

Clean-Step Tacky Mats

An unconventional doormat, but effective in dirt control, Clean-Step tacky mats comprise a pad of adhesive coated layers fixed to a sturdy rigid backing. When placed on the floor, the tacky surface attracts and traps walked in dirt and dust from footwear.  When soiled, simply tear off the top sheet to reveal a clean, fresh layer.

Clean-Step tacky mats help to protect against bacterial contamination and are the doormats of choice for many environments when cleanliness and hygiene is imperative.

Each pad contains 60 tacky layers.  Refill tacky pads also available.  Available in arrange of sizes and colours. Order your Clean-Step tacky mats online at or call the sales office on 0116 240 1055 for further assistance.