Spring is a popular month for refurbishment projects, not least in the retail sector.  The introduction of new season stock, displays and retail promotions is very often the driver for a store revamp at this time of year. This can include shop flooring and entrance matting which, after the winter months, is generally in need of some attention.

That ‘attention’ can come in the form of a refurbishment project, or even lead to a completely new floor.  With flooring in retail environments, there is usually a central pathway that becomes more worn or damaged. This is certainly true of many entrance matting systems.  This can be frustrating (and costly) because for many entrance mat systems it means total replacement, when in fact 50-60% of the matting is still in relatively good condition.  The trouble is shabby matting doesn’t look good and reflects on a shop’s image so it should not be ignored.

Premier Surface Entrance Matting

COBA flooring’s Premier range of PVC/carpet entrance floor tiles are different – and that’s probably why retailers and shopping centres in general have made COBA’s Premier entrance flooring their preferred product for this type of installation.  Why?  There are many reasons:

Premier interlocking floor tiles form an easy-to-fit entrance system that does not require a specialist contractor for its installation.  COBA flooring supplies replacement tiles so when isolated units become worn, they can be easily replaced as required which is a cost-effective way of refurbishing a tired entrance area.

The Experian Footfall Regional Index (published 24.3.14) reports year on year improvements to retail traffic in six out of eleven regions, with London showing the most growth.  Footfall is indeed a serious consideration when specifying entrance matting – not just for retail but any location.  Entrance matting needs to be fit-for-purpose, and hard wearing materials are recommended.

Any entrance matting system for a retail environment needs to be durable, especially for busy stores that regularly experience high volumes of footfall.  Durability is another key benefit of COBA’s Premier range of entrance mats, and independent tests validate its wear performance when compared with other similar products.

Environmentally-conscious retailers will also like the fact that Premier Track Tiles and Premier Plus Tiles are manufactured from 80% recycled materials, and Premier Grip Tiles (the option without the carpet insert) are produced out of 100% recycled materials.

For further information, on COBA flooring’s Premier collection of entrance matting products for retail and other environments, please telephone: 01788 228 555 or click here for details ….