For those who feel they have just endured ‘the commute from hell’ this Monday morning as a result of artic conditions and general road or rail chaos, then the last obstacle you want is to slip up when you finally reach the workplace.

With icy and snowy conditions underfoot, floors can become hazardous making safety matting – whether entrance matting or industrial matting – more important than ever before.

Smooth floors become perilous so take extra care if your reception foyer is a tiled or smooth floor.  Ensure entrance matting is effectively wiping moisture from shoes, and display Slippery Floor warning signs if extra care needs to be taken.

Remember tracked in snow and ice melts causing pools of water on the floor.  The larger the entrance matting, the more effective it will be in capturing the water.

And, now you’re finally in the office, why not have a warming coffee, take the weight of your feet, and take a few deep relaxing breaths and hey presto, you’re ready to safely take on the day without any slip ups.