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Make Floor Matting a Top Priority for Slip Prevention

Slips remain a real hazard in both our working and personal lives. At COBA Europe, we have been following slip-related statistics and their causes for many years– after all, nearly all our floor matting, whether for industrial safety or commercial entrances -play a pivotal role in reducing slips.

Entrance matting

Plan.a – Aluminium Entrance Matting

While we accept that as matting manufacturers we take a keen interest in flooring products, we realise that a large part of the population will take the importance of floor matting for granted.  The expression “treated like a doormat” only accentuates this!

On the whole, slip-related accidents can be averted through good housekeeping.  And, this isn’t just about the home, this about good housekeeping in the workplace too, irrespective of whether we are talking about a factory floor or an office entrance.  Regular cleaning and ensuring the floor surface is free of any debris or obstruction are vital routines.

Now the reason we get so passionate about this subject, is that both industrial safety matting for the workplace and entrance matting (even simple doormats for that matter) are hugely important for slip prevention and general safety underfoot.  Always wise to think ‘prevention’, not ‘cure’!

Slips and Trips

Source: Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) provides all sorts of useful information and guidance on slip and trip prevention, with some interesting models on how to assess such risks.  The information on this link is useful: