Did you know how easy the Premier range of commercial entrance matting is to install?  While looking attractive, the relative ease of installation is one of the key features of this stylish entrance matting collection.

Premier entrance matting is an interlocking tile system which simply links together to cut any sized area, either installed in a recessed well or laid to surface.  The flexible PVC base tile manufactured from 100% recycled materials not only makes this entrance matting an environmentally friendly option, but also makes it easy to cut to shape.

Premier PVC and carpet entrance matting tiles

Only the minimum of tools are required for installation of Premier entrance matting.  A Moving Edge knife, a straight edge jigsaw and a rubber mallet are all that is required.  There is no need to use a template.  As a guide 7.4 tiles are required per metre.  Each entrance matting tile measures 30cm by 45 cm and is 15mm in depth. (Premier Grip is 13mm deep)

So those looking for cost-effective, easy-to-install commercial entrance matting should consider Premier Track or Premier Plus Tiles.