Aluminium entrance matting systems have long been the choice for many heavy duty commercial locations.  While practical, they have traditionally been rather cumbersome to handle and expensive to install and maintain.

PathMaster Entrance Matting

COBA’s PathMaster entrance matting is quite simply a revolution in aluminium and carpet commercial entrance matting giving many flexible benefits – at a fraction of the cost of traditional aluminium entrance matting systems.

PathMaster entrance matting is lightweight to carry, yet when installed can withstand heavy duty wear and tear.  PathMaster can actually be rolled up and manoeuvred with ease with the option to either be laid to surface or installed in recessed wells.

This innovative commercial entrance matting has a Polypropylene needle rib surface that brushes dirt and debris from footwear, while the aluminium strips effectively scrape.

PathMaster’s fully enclosed surface prevents dirt escaping underneath the entrance matting which is backed with anti-slip latex.

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