As the world’s attention turns to today’s Royal Wedding, it is reported that some 1900 guests have been invited to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  The staff at Buckingham Palace must be in overdrive this morning as they attend to the final finishing touches ready for the Royal couple and their guests to make their grand entrance.

Grand reception entrances don’t have to be reserved for Royalty.  Smart entrance matting can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal of a reception area or foyer.  In fact, entrance matting should be an integral part of the interior design of a building for maximum impact in terms of colour, style and functionality.

Premier Track blue entrance matting

Entrance matting doesn’t have to be black or grey.  Today’s entrance mat products include colourful options, such as Premier Track entrance mat tiles for example, which are available in a stunning shade of blue.  In fact, rather fittingly, this could be described as almost Royal Blue!

COBA’s Premier Track interlocking tiles feature a flexible PVC base manufactured from 100% recycled materials with a high quality nylon carpet insert.  Premier Track is the smart choice for all sorts of entrance areas, and is suitable for high volume footfall.