Floor Safety Review

By on April 18, 2011

With spending cuts being made in the public sector,  it is important that floor safety in environments such as schools and hospitals for example isn’t overlooked.  Maintenance of entrance matting is essential to ensure that it has not become worn, and still lays flush to the ground so as not to create a trip hazard.

Equally, entrance mats should be regularly cleaned to keep the pile in good condition so that it can effectively wipe moisture and dirt from wet footwear.  Both water and dry dust can be slippery on smooth floors.

Slip-related accidents can lead to broken bones and bruises, but in in the worst case scenario, can occasionally cause fatalities.  Simply reviewing floor safety can help to prevent a serious accident to both employees and visitors to premises.  Entrance matting may seem a low priority but in actual fact, should be one of the first considerations for any facilities or estates manager.

So with cut backs rife, the message really is don’t compromise on safety and don’t compromise on entrance matting.