It’s a well known fact that A&E departments experience some of their busiest times during the winter.  As with all areas of a hospital, contamination control is essential to help prevent infection and disease. First-Step contamination control mats

Installation of effective dirt-trapping entrance matting is the first priority but inside hospitals, additional steps need to be taken to maintain floor cleanliness.

Supplementing the role of entrance matting, COBA’s First-Step is an economical solution to contamination control and is manufactured from an anti-microbial agent to protect against the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

First-Step is not best described as conventional entrance matting.  The product is made up of a pad of adhesive coated disposable layers.  The adhesive finish traps dirt from footwear and wheeled equipment.  When a layer becomes soiled, it is simply peeled off and disposed of, to reveal and clean sheet.

It is also approved for direct food contact.  First-Step is available in white, grey and blue with a pack of four pads with 30 layers.  Size 0.46m x 1.17m.