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Entrance Mats are a Must for Rainy Days

All this wet weather certainly makes the need for good quality entrance matting more essential than ever.  It’s not just the type or style that’s important.  The length of the floor matting installation is also a crucial factor that should be considered.  All too often, there is an insufficient length of matting to wipe away moisture on footwear, wheelchairs or trolleys.

The creation of ‘entrance zones’ is the ideal solution (this is where you have exterior ‘scraper mats’ followed by ‘interim mats‘ that perform both a scraping and wiping action, and then lastly interior floor mats that do the final wiping of moisture).  However, as ideal as this may be, it is not always possible to create such an elaborate dirt barrier system.

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Using a combination of entrance mats, especially when used in conjunction with long lengths of carpet runners can be equally effective.  They can also look smart too. Another key feature of this style of installation is the ‘protection’ it provides.  We’re not only talking about ‘protection’ to carpets and floor surfaces, but also ‘protection’ to people where wet smooth floors potentially create slip hazards.

At COBA flooring (the new specialist division of COBA Europe Ltd) we are confident of having the ideal entrance mat for a wide variety of commercial environments.  So whichever sector your business or building is categorised in (such as retail, hotels and leisure, healthcare or education) we have high quality, cost-effective floor matting options.

A small investment can make a huge difference to the cleanliness and hygiene, floor safety and general aesthetic appeal of your building.

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