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Dont Let Dirt Spiral Out of Control

Contemporary offices and other businesses looking for a modern doormat or entrance mat should consider the stylish Easy-Clean Spiral door mat.

In a break from tradition with the plain doormat, this retro-design entrance mat adds a touch of contemporary style to many environments – in fact, it looks so good in the COBA office, staff have been eyeing it up for their homes.

Easy-Clean Spiral is a practical choice too.  This washable doormat with its plush high pile nylon carpet surface can (in the smaller sizes) be cleaned in a domestic washing machine (and tumble dried) to keep it looking clean and new for longer.

This attractive entrance mat has a non-slip Nitrile backing to reduce movement on smooth floors.   Easy-Clean Spiral door mat is available in one colour combination (blue, cream, black) in three sizes.

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