COBA Europe has introduced an impressive selection of competitively priced aluminium systems to its specialist entrance matting range aimed at flooring contractors and specifiers.

Known as the ‘plan range’, the very stylish, high quality entrance systems provide an extensive choice of primary and secondary matting designs that are custom-made to order.  They are ideal for fitting in ‘zoned’ entrance areas with options for indoor and outdoor environments.   The manufacturing technique allows for matting to be produced with an extensive choice of surface finishes and styles to suit each specific location for optimum dirt-barrier performance.

There are four main product categories in the versatile ‘plan range’, each with their own unique features and benefits, but all are suitable for heavy duty use.  Depending on the style selected, there is even the opportunity to incorporate logos for example.  An extensive colour palette certainly helps to add a touch of the ‘wow factor’!

For the environmentally-conscious, there are options that are manufactured from 95% recycled materials.  It is worth noting that the entire COBA plan range has a minimum of 30% recycled content so all products have some eco-friendly credentials.

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