COBA Europe launches the ‘Ultimate’ Anti-Fatigue Mat

By auf Juli 3, 2014

COBA Europe has added a new anti-fatigue product to its established Orthomat® range of workplace safety matting, which is considered to be ‘an exceptional innovation’ in the anti-fatigue market.

This new anti-fatigue mat, aptly named ORTHOMAT® ULTIMATE, is designed for heavy duty use in areas subjected to oil/fluid, water and chemical spillage. These are areas that previously have not been suitable for foam anti-fatigue mats, as oils and chemicals would normally cause material degradation. There would also be the risk of slipping. This is all changes with the launch of Orthomat® Ultimate.

Orthomat® Ultimate is the result of material and manufacturing technology developed by safety matting specialist COBA Europe. Headquartered in the UK, with sales offices and distribution centres in Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Spain and South Africa, COBA Europe has used its extensive experience in the anti-fatigue matting market to develop this unique, high performance product.



The launch of the super-resilient Orthomat® Ultimate is very exciting for COBA Europe and for its pan-European distributors. It opens up significant potential for new anti-fatigue matting business throughout France, Germany and Europe as a whole.

Orthomat® Ultimate is a high-density foam anti-fatigue mat, providing comfort underfoot for operatives who have to stand for prolonged periods of time. The problem with conventional foam anti-fatigue mats (even those laminated with PVC) is that they are prone to liquids seeping through the layers. Rubber nitrile options are available but they can be heavy and cumbersome for some working environments, and not offer the same superior levels of fatigue-relief inherent to foam matting products. Orthomat® Ultimate is different. Its outer layer is manufactured from a revolutionary PolyNit material that encapsulates, and completely seals the foam inner for total protection.

Another benefit is its raised diamond pattern surface which provides slip-resistance even in oily or wet conditions. The surface also traps swarf and is resilient to piercing/tearing when in contact with sharp debris.

This means, that for the first time, there is now an effective foam anti-fatigue mat for oily production areas, wet areas, chemical environments. It is ideal for locations such as machine shops, food processing and preparation areas. Employers now have the opportunity to address the very serious problems of musculoskeletal disorders brought on by prolonged standing on hard floor surfaces.


“COBA’s experience in the anti-fatigue matting market has been pivotal to us developing this new product. MSD’s are the most common workplace ailment across Europe and are a major health issue. Prolonged standing is a major contributor and taking preventative measures such as installing anti-fatigue matting is recommended. By introducing such an oil and water resistant option, we can now make anti-fatigue matting a practical and effective option for even more working environments,” says Richard Cooke, Managing Director of COBA Europe.

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