Tough-Lock Floor Tiles, Great for Concrete Floors

Client: Amber Valley Developments
Sector: Manufacturer of vehicle safety equipment
Location: Leicestershire
Product: Tough-Lock Floor Tiles


Amber Valley Developments LLP specialises in the design and manufacture of vehicle safety equipment. The company, based in Leicestershire, is in actual fact the largest European manufacturer of reversing safety products. It supplies customers worldwide with equipment such as reversing alarms as well as engine and battery protection products. Amber Valley Developments has a cluster of factories with dedicated facilities for Research, Design and Development, Electronics and Production, the latter including moulding and circuit board manufacturing areas.

The Project

While most of the 50 employees are predominantly seated, Amber Valley Developments required a smart flooring to refurbish several of its factory units. Ease of installation was a key point to minimise down-time, as was the need for the flooring to offer some cushioning to help prevent breakage. The flooring also had to be strong enough to withstand the weight of equipment. Certain areas, such as those facilitating circuit board and harness production equipment, also required flooring with anti-static properties. Tough-Lock PVC Tiles from COBA Europe with a textured finish were selected. Amber Valley Developments installed the tiles in their factories with ease on top of the existing concrete floor, and have been very satisfied with the end result, which not only looks smart, but is warmer and softer to stand on.

Tough Lock Red

“Tough-Lock Tiles have really made a difference and effectively covered some concrete floor areas that had been blemished. They were straightforward to install, and create a much better environment for our team while helping to reduce component breakage,” says David Morewood, Managing Director – Amber Valley Developments LLP.

About Tough-Lock

Tough-Lock Tiles are manufactured from resilient PVC. As their name suggests, they are extremely durable and can withstand the rigours of many different industrial environments, including the weight of fork lift trucks. The tiles simply interlink covering as much, or as little floor space as required, in a system that makes installation a hassle-free task. They provide the ideal solution floor refurbishment as they can be laid directly on an existing floor surface, without the need for adhesive or any special sub-floor preparation (the latter applies to floors in reasonable condition). Tough-Lock Tiles are available in six different colours in either a Studded or Textured finish.

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