Automotive manufacturer – Worksafe Oil Resistant Mats

Customer: Automotive manufacturer
Location: UK
Department: Engineering facility
Product: Worksafe Oil Resistant Mats (Blue Greaseproof)


One of the UK’s leading automotive manufacturers required new safety matting for its Prototyping and Tooling area within its Engineering facility. Approximately 70 people work in this area for around 8 hours a day. Their jobs naturally require prolonged periods of standing, and anti-slip matting had been traditionally installed around their work benches in this area which was prone to coolant oil spillage.

The Solution:

The company opted for Worksafe Oil Resistant matting from COBA Europe to replace the incumbent matting in its Engineering facility. Some 50 mats have been installed at workstations in this busy engineering area.

Unlike the previous matting, which had a ribbed surface design, Worksafe (in greaseproof blue) case_studies open drain holes that allow any spillage to drain through the mat, therefore reducing the risk of slipping. Oil resistance was a key requirement for the matting. The blue greaseproof version of Worksafe is especially resilient to grease and aggressive oils, making it ideal for this area where coolants are regularly used. The anti-slip underside of the mat also helps to minimize movement, holding the mat in position on the floor surface.

While reducing the risk of slipping was a top priority for the company, an added bonus has been the comfort provided by Worksafe mats. Their 15mm thickness is designed for underfoot cushioning, and helps to delay the onset of fatigue caused by prolonged standing.

Each mat case_studies a ramped edge all around as standard, and measures 0.9m x 1.5m. Heavy duty Worksafe mats are available in two options Standard (Black) ideal for wet areas, and Oil Resistant (Blue) for greasy and oily conditions.

The matting, which has been installed for some time, is proving to be an effective asset.

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