We Investigate What is Anti Fatigue Matting?

What is anti-fatigue matting?

Anti fatigue matting is designed to reduce fatigue and the risks of regular excessive standing in the workplace, by providing cushioning underfoot and promoting subtle foot movement.

This type of matting promotes blood circulation, which is crucial. As the feet subtly adapt to the cushioned surface, blood circulation is stimulated as the foot and calf muscles expand and contract, activating the venous pump, which pushes blood back up to the heart. These mats also provides relief from cold concrete floors and slip resistance for all round wellbeing.

Standing for long periods of time can cause aches and pains, which can get worse over time if the cause is not addressed. Aches and pains are just the start, workers soon realise that fatigue from standing can cause more serious problems like muscular pain and circulation problems. Pain and tiredness from standing can often lead to concentration lapses and as a consequence, result in workplace accidents.

Anti fatigue matting features:

  • Cushioning
  • Beveled edges
  • Puncture resistant
  • Anti slip backing
  • Surface texture
  • Chemical resistance

What is anti-fatigue matting made from?

Anti fatigue Matting is often manufactured from PVC, natural rubber or nitrile. Different material compositions offer particular benefits. Mats with a high percentage of nitrile have more resilience against chemicals and grease. Matting is available as individual mats, tiles, rolls, bespoke options can be requested. Different thickness and surface finishes, including mats with drainage holes are also available.

What are the dangers of prolonged standing?

The science of standing is something individuals don’t often think about in their day to day life, but is something which affects us all, especially those who stand for most of the day as part of their jobs. The science of standing is explained more in our video. A survey conducted in 2018 by COBA Europe revealed that 68% of respondents found anti-fatigue matting to have a positive effect on the wellbeing of staff.

When we consider ‘what is anti fatigue matting’, at it’s most basic level it makes workplaces safer and employees more productive. The safety benefits are many and the overall outcome is employee wellbeing.

There is a wide range of anti fatigue matting available to suit different working environments, Mat Brain can help you to find the right matting.

If you have any questions get in touch with our team for more tips and advice.

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