With wet weather hitting most of the country today, the need for having a good door mat or entrance matting system in everyone’s place of work becomes more apparent than ever.

Dripping umbrellas and wet, dirty shoes are not helpful when it comes to keeping floors clean.  There are some heavy duty entrance matting systems for busy commercial environments, but for smaller offices and businesses, a simple doormat in the form of Super dry is a good choice.

Superdry entrance mats from COBA

Superdry entrance matting effectively retains moisture from shoes within its raised edges  (holding up to 5.4 litres per square metre) while the reinforced patterned surface scrapes dirt.

The durable Superdry entrance mat with its heavy duty polpyropylene loop pile surface, has a rugged nitrile rubber backing for a longer lifespan.  It is available in a range of smart colours and sizes making it just the job for many doorways.