Soggy door mats; we’ve all experienced them and quite frankly they are as effective as the proverbial ‘chocolate teapot’! But, it doesn’t have to be this way, thanks to a new entrance matting product that we at COBA Europe are rather excited about. It gives us pleasure to introduce the new Microfibre mats to our already extensive range of door mats and entrance matting.

microfibre mats

Microfibre mats at COBA Europe’s Gym

Not only is it great at brushing and wiping, these smart microfibre mats even out-perform cotton when it comes to absorbency and rapid drying – in fact, it absorbs up to 15 times its weight in water. ‘How come?’ we hear you ask. Well, the answer is Microfibre technology. Most of us will be familiar with the hygienic attributes of Microfibre, but it’s even more ingenious when you learn more about its composition.

Microfibre is a synthetic material made from extremely fine individual fibres that are even thinner than human hair. The structure of each fibre creates a capillary effect for improved dirt retention and absorbency.

The ultra-fine fibres not only create luxuriously soft pile microfibre mats, but are also able to tackle those hard-to-reach treads on footwear and wheeled trolleys for a deeper cleaning action. Friction from the movement of these fine fibres also generates a static charge which traps dust and debris.

This super-smart, versatile doormat is quite a revelation and being machine washable, it’s easy to maintain too.

microfibre mats

Microfibre Mats at COBA Europe’s Café