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Chair Mats a Clear Winner

Carpets and floor surfaces can be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear from office chairs.   All that swivelling on wheeled office chairs soon makes an impact on the floor surface.  Chair Mats to the rescue to protect carpets and hard flooring!

chair carpet protector mats

Chair Mats are a good investment for chair carpet protection and hard wooden floor protection. There are two variations of Chair Mats available from COBA (The (PC) chair mat option, is suitable for heavy duty use). Both options have a choice for Carpet and Hard Floors.

chair mat

Being transparent allows the Chair Mats to discreetly fit in any office décor.  For carpet protection there is the chair carpet protector mats which features spiker grips to keep the mat in position.  Meanwhile for Chair Mat option for Hard Floors is ideal for smooth floor coverings and lies flat to the floor.

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