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Anti-Slip Flooring in the Catering Trade

Slip accidents are a major hazard, especially in the catering trade. Workers can slip in kitchens. To avoid this issue, slip-resistant flooring is available.

Why are slip-resistant flooring solutions important in the catering industry?

A workforce is an important asset to any catering business, whether they are a local or multinational chain. Slip accidents often lead to negative consequences with staff becoming injured unable to work.

To protect employees and keep the business running as usual, it is important to take the right protective measures, especially in slip-prone areas.

What is slip resistance and which products provide what protection?

Slip resistance for workplaces in the catering industry is regulated according to DIN 51130 and is divided into the slip resistance classes R9 to R13, with R13 being the highest slip resistance class.

The potential to slip in kitchens is particualrly high due to oils and greases that come into contact with a tiled floor. A good measure to prevent slipping accidents is anti-slip matting. Our mats are easy to apply as a non-slip floor convering.

However, slipping is not the only source of danger that can lead to staff absences. In the catering industry, it is normal that workers stand for long periods of time. This often leads to heavy legs, back pain, and other illnesses that are summarised under the term MSD. You can find out how to prevent MSD in our Stand Up For Health eBook.

You can find a selection of anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats to prevent these injuries for your industry by contacting our sales team.

K-Mat anti-slip mat for kitchens

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