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6 Months on Since Launching #StandUpForHealth

Six months ago, COBA Europe launched its first ever eBook: #StandUpForHealth, which details the health issues that come with sitting or standing for long periods of times, especially within the workplace.

The sit-stand debate has taken off in the past couple of years, with more and more people deciding to incorporate standing desks into their offices. It may not seem it, but we, as people, spend the majority of our days sitting down. #StandUpForHealth explains the effects prolonged sitting can have on the body, as well as the benefits standing at work can have, when done safely.

How many downloads?Map

We are pleased to say that our eBook has been downloaded over 200 times in numerous countries all over the world!

Our eBook had downloads from Sri Lanka to Italy to South Africa. The highest number of downloads we received for any country was 76 from the United States.

How many shares?

Our eBook has also been mentioned and shared on other websites. The American Society of Safety Engineers gave #StandUpForHealth a mention on their website, going into detail about the risk of adopting prolonged static positions at work.

Tachmarx, a Smart Customer Service, also included our eBook on its website, focusing on our ‘science of standing’ excerpt, explaining how standing for long periods of time can potentially affect our health.

One of our matting customers, Kennedy Flooring, also gave our eBook a mention on their website, explaining some of the highlights and what is included in the eBook.Snippets

Our eBook, and excerpts from it, have been shared numerous times on Twitter, as well! We would like to give a big thank to all the people and companies that helped to spread the word about #StandUpForHealth.

Follow-Up Content

We published some follow-up information on our website blog detailing, the problem with sitting and some of the health problems that prolonged sitting can cause. We also featured an article on ‘the science of standing and what standing for long periods of time can do to the body, and finally, MSDs in numbers, explaining the effects of Musculoskeletal Disorders.

We also included an infographic which illustrates how prolonged sitting can affect your health. It also provided tips and advice on how to counter the risks associated with prolonged sitting in a workplace environment.

With over 200 downloads from all over the world as well as shares and mentions from other websites, we are pleased to see that our Stand Up for Health eBook has proven to be both informative and useful. We hope that it continues to be so, and that our next release of the publication and other informative guides from COBA Europe, will have the same positive reaction.