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True Grit for Slippery Factory Floors

Are oily or wet floor surfaces a problem in the factory?  Fatigue Step Grit-Top rubber floor tiles could just be the solution to reducing the risk of slip-related accidents in the workplace.

Fatigue Step Grit-Top industrial floor tiles, manufactured from 100% Nitrile, provide superior resilience to oils and chemicals for greater durability unlike some other industrial matting that can deteriorate when it contact with such liquids.

A floor tile system, it features a tough gritted top surface with open holes for drainage that effectively provides additional underfoot grip in the oiliest of locations.

This popular industrial matting is also very comfortable to stand on for fatigue-relief. There is also the option of yellow safety borders.

For information on Fatigue Step Grit-Top and other rubber floor matting available from COBA, please contact the sales office on 0116 240 1055 or email:

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