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The Bare Facts about Slipping

The hazards of wet floors are no more topical as news breaks of the Australian streaker who slipped up on a wet floor while being pursued by the German police in the streets of Munich!

While the unlucky streaker’s slip up probably was unavoidable, generally speaking many slips can be prevented through the installation of entrance matting, good quality door mats or if we’re talking about factories, then of course appropriate industrial matting.

Broken bones and other injuries can lead to life-long problems so putting every effort into slip prevention is imperative.  Entrance matting, for example, is an effective way of reducing slip hazards when walking onto a smooth floor.

While it is easy to focus on wet floors, don’t forget dry dust can also be slippery.  Again, dirt-trapping entrance matting can help.

In industrial environments, slipping is not just caused by water.  Industrial matting is designed to withstand oils, greases and other chemicals.

Definitely considerations to ‘bare’ in mind.  Enough to make you ‘shiver’!

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