Slip-related accidents in the catering industry are a real problem given the nature of the frequent spills and splashes of liquids.  Pubs, clubs and bars can benefit from rubber matting in the form of a simple ‘drainable’ rubber runner.

While rubber runners are not unusual, Unimat rubber matting, or rubber runner to be more precise, stands out from the crowd for its slip-resistant properties.

Open hopes allow spilt liquids to drain through the mat.  But unlike some other catering mats, Unimat is lightweight and can be moved around with ease.   This makes this rubber matting a convenient choice for cleaning and relocating to different areas as and when required.

Aside from pubs and bars, Unimat is a good choice for event caterers requiring an easy to manoeuvre portable safety flooring that be rolled up, carried, cleaned and easily stored. Unimat is a truly versatile rubber mat which is fully-reversible for long lasting wear.  Now that really is value for money!

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