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Serve up Mum’s Meal in Safety

Today is Mother’s Day and one of the busiest days in the calendar for many restaurants and bars, not least for the kitchen and bar staff who have to prepare the food and serve the drinks.

Slipping on wet or greasy floors in the catering and hospitality industry is of huge concern, and that is where rubber matting can come into its own.

With hot liquids and equipment, a slip can not only result in broken bones, bruising and sprains, but also serious burns and cuts.  Good housekeeping is essential and installation of rubber matting, or specially design catering mats, can help to reduce the risk of slipping on wet floor surfaces.


The HSE’s ‘Stop Slips in the Kitchen Campaign’ includes a Top Tips sheet to reduce the risk of slipping of which choosing an appropriate floor that has non-slip properties when coming into contact with water and grease forms one of the tips.

COBA offers a range of mats for catering, including the popular K-Mat.  Manufactured from 100% nitrile, this catering mat provides excellent resistance to grease, oils, fats and detergents.  It also has anti-microbial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria making it hygienic for kitchen floors too.

The design features a raised textured surface with a ‘cross grip’ pattern which gives this catering mat its slip-resistance benefits.  Open holes allow spilt liquids to drain through the mat.

K-Mat is also comfortable to stand on giving fatigue-relief from prolonged standing, while also reducing the risk of glass and china breakage.

This handy catering mat is ideal for kitchens, bars and dishwasher areas.  Cleaning is simple too – just pop it in a commercial washing machine and K-Mat comes out sparkling clean and as good as new.