COBA Europe Ltd launched an exciting new product at Safety & Health Expo today (18 June 2014) that sets an unprecedented standard in anti-fatigue mat innovation and performance, and is designed specifically for use in oily, wet or chemical prone environments.

Developed by COBA Europe, ORTHOMAT® ULTIMATE is the culmination of material and manufacturing technology, and the company’s extensive experience in the anti-fatigue matting industry. It joins COBA Europe’s established range of Orthomat® anti-fatigue floor matting.  Unlike heavy rubber mats traditionally used in this type of environment, it is available in easy to handle rolls and in specified cut lengths for ease of cleaning and manoeuvrability.

Orthomat® Ultimate is a high-density foam anti-fatigue mat, providing comfort underfoot for operatives who have to stand for prolonged periods of time.  But it is far from an average ‘foam’ anti-fatigue mat! Orthomat® Ultimate has a unique flame retardant outer layer manufactured from a revolutionary PolyNit material which completely encapsulates the soft foam inner.

anti-fatigue mat

Unlike conventional PVC foam matting, which allows liquids to seep through causing degradation, the ingenious PolyNit outer layer totally seals the foam inner for the ultimate protective barrier.  The tapered edges are heat-sealed for complete protection.

Orthomat® Ultimate has a raised diamond pattern surface to provide slip-resistance even in oily or wet conditions. The patterned surface is resilient to piercing or tearing when in contact with sharp debris.

This means, that for the first time, there is now an effective foam anti-fatigue mat available for those who work in oily production areas, wet areas, chemical environments.  It is ideal for locations such as oily machine shops, food processing and preparation areas. Employers in these types of industries now have the opportunity to address the very serious problems of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) brought on by prolonged standing on hard floor surfaces.

“COBA’s experience in the anti-fatigue matting market has been pivotal to us developing this new product,” explains Chris Stanley, Sales Director – COBA Europe Ltd.  “Orthomat® Ultimate is ground-breaking, and its arrival means that even the oiliest manufacturing environment can now confidently invest in foam anti-fatigue matting.”

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