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Take Comfort in Anti-Fatigue Matting

There are many occupations that require prolonged periods of standing, not least production lines, assembly stations and general workshop or factory environments. Anti-fatigue matting is a simple solution to alleviate the pressure from regular prolonged standing to improve comfort and safety in the workplace.

Standing on hard surfaces can lead to discomfort with symptoms such as aching or sore feet, pain in the legs, back and even the shoulders and neck. In most cases, we dismiss this discomfort but in reality it can sometimes lead to long term damage such as distressing musculoskeletal disorders, injury, pain and even varicose veins.

Those standing on anti-fatigue mats instantly feel the benefits of cushioning underfoot. But aside from this, what is anti-fatigue matting actually doing?

The cushioning helps to promote regular foot movement as the feet naturally adapt to the surface of the mat. The movement of muscles contracting and expanding is very subtle but is enough to reduce, even prevent in some cases, the health risks associated with standing. Matting encourages improved circulation and oxygen reaching the heart. It also helps to distribute the pressure over a larger surface area, therefore absorbing some of the impact from standing.

A scientific study commissioned by matting manufacturer COBA Europe Ltd and conducted by Loughborough University emphatically confirmed that anti-fatigue mats can significantly increase comfort to workers who stand for prolonged periods of time and also help to reduce fatigue.

So if you are responsible for Health and Safety in your workplace, or a Facilities Manager looking to make tangible improvements to the working environment, investment in effective anti-fatigue matting is a small price to pay for preventing potentially irreversible health conditions.  A great resource for all your anti-fatigue matting requirements is:

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