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Fight Friday Fatigue

Tired after a long week?  Or simply tired from standing?  COBA Europe has a huge range of ultra-comfortable anti-fatigue mats designed to take the stress out of prolonged standing.

Anti-fatigue matting

While anti fatigue flooring products are more widely associated with industrial matting, they also have a useful place in other environments such as in retail (checkouts for example) or maybe for lecturers, or for those working in healthcare.

Anti-fatigue matting can be useful for all of these professions where standing is a regular feature of day-to-day work.  Anti-fatigue matting can be manufactured from a range of materials, most commonly vinyl foam, PVC or rubber matting.

Designs of anti-fatigue matting vary too.  From rubber matting with holes and tread-plate patterns to pebble, ribbed and even marble-effect surfaces meaning there is the perfect product for wet, oily and dry locations.

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