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Facts Stand Up About Fatigue

When it comes to reducing fatigue from standing, safety matting could well be the solution in many working environments.

While many users may well realise the benefits of anti-fatigue matting, not everyone will fully understand exactly how anti-fatigue matting works, apart from feeling increased comfort underfoot.

The cushioning provided by anti-fatigue matting encourages the foot to gently move on the mat’s surface.  So subtle is this, the individual may not even realise this is happening.

The movement of muscles contracting and expanding increases blood flow and helps oxygen reach the heart.  Nature intends the muscles and veins to work together in an expanding and contracting action, which is known as the Venous System.  As the muscles contract, they compress the veins next to them and blood is pushed upwards to the heart.

Anti-fatigue matting helps to promote a healthy Venous System and reduce the physical aches and pains associated with prolonged standing.   There are many different options to choose from when it comes to anti-fatigue matting.  These include rubber matting, vinyl or foam layered matting.

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