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Rubber Bar Matting for Improving Safety Underfoot

Have you ever wondered ‘what is the use of a bar mat?’

Busy bartenders and their employers can benefit from the installation of rubber bar matting to keep floors safe from slips and making the floor more comfortable to stand on.


Our Hospitality range includes bar matting. The range features interlocking tiles, such as COBAdeluxe and rubber mats such as Unimat in different sizes.

All of our bar matting recommendations feature drainage holes to help prevent slips in bar areas prone to spills. These products also have good anti fatigue ratings, making standing more comfortable. You can find out more about the benefits of anti-fatigue mats in our blog ‘Anti-Fatigue Mats Finally Explained in our Video’.

Bar Matting Options

COBAdeluxe, being 17mm thick provides a comfortable standing surface for bartenders. This cushioning also helps to significantly reduce glass breakage, which makes it extremely popular for cocktail bars.

The open holes in this bar matting also provide efficient drainage allowing spilt drinks to drain through the mat, rather than rest on the floor surface and preventing slips.

bar matting

Unimat is available in two different sizes of rubber mat runner. A key feature is how light weight the matting is, it can be moved around and repositioned with ease. Features also include slip resistant properties and drainage holes.

bar matting

Fatigue step anti slip floor tiles also feature drainage hole, anti fatigue properties and slip resistance. The flexibility of tiles enables you to fit the bar matting in the ideal orientation to fit your working matting

Installation of bar matting is a simple step to underfoot safety and much more pleasant alternative to those sticky pub floors!

If you’re unsure about which type of matting is most suitable for your environment, our sales team can recommend the ideal solutions.