Varicose Veins are very painful and can make people’s lives a misery.  Those individuals who regularly stand for prolonged periods of time are at greater risk. This is where anti-fatigue matting can really help.

Anti-fatigue matting can be used across many sectors.  It is easy to think of it as just industrial matting but it can be equally beneficial for shop cashiers, hairdressers, beauticians, information desks – in fact, anti-fatigue mats are ideal for most locations where individuals have to stand.

The cushioned surface of an anti-fatigue mat encourages the foot to move and with this, improves circulation to the legs and body as a whole.  Healthy circulation helps to prevent Varicose Veins and other muscular problems.

Anti-fatigue mats are available in a range of configurations and sizes.  From rolls of industrial matting, to single mats and interlocking tiles.