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Pebbled Surface Anti-Fatigue Mats

Orthomat Black

A storm has been brewing last week over ‘the artist’ who controversially took a rock from the summit of England’s highest mountain to display in a London exhibition.  Scaffell Pike in Cumbria is now about an inch lower than it should be.  The artist in question has been defending his actions by likening it to taking ‘a pebble from a beach’.

Speaking of pebbles, and specifically ‘pebbled surfaces’, COBA Europe’s standard Orthomat® Anti Fatigue Mats have a pebbled ‘textured’ surface designed to help provide additional grip underfoot, while also making standing at work a much more comfortable activity.


While, unlike the Scaffell Pike rock, this particular anti fatigue mat is not an inch high, but it does stand some 9mm off the floor surface. Enough to make Orthomat® Anti Fatigue Mats effectively cushion the impact from standing, and delay the onset of associated muscle fatigue and potential MSDs.

The pebbled ‘grip’ surface has been slip tested and conforms to the widely recognised Slip Resistance Test EN13552 (Category R10).  While it does help to reduce the risk of slipping, it does not have drainage holes for spilt liquids, so we recommend it is used in dry environments.  Its primary role, as with most options within COBA Europe’s Orthomat® anti-fatigue range, is to reduce fatigue from prolonged standing.

It is worth mentioning here, that COBA Europe also supplies a wide range of rubber matting with open holed surface designs, which provide effective drainage for areas where oils, chemicals, or water spillage occurs.

High Duty Grit

High-duty Grit

But, back to our pebbled surface anti fatigue mat; Orthomat® Standard manufactured from 100% closed cell PVC foam, comes in grey or black, but is also available with highly visible yellow borders for greater floor safety awareness.  It is the perfect floor safety product for many industrial environments, either for individual workstations and assembly areas, or along production lines.  It is one of COBA Europe’s best selling anti fatigue mats.

Orthomat is available in a variety of widths and lengths.  Full product details can be found here.