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50 Shades of Grey Anti-Fatigue Matting from COBA Europe

In light of the media hype surrounding 50 Shades of Grey, we thought we’d have a little fun with our own 50 Shades of Grey – now we must stress this is nothing more risqué than anti-fatigue matting.  We stock lots of them, and the majority of our anti-fatigue mats happen to be available in varying shades of the colour grey!

COBA Europe is one of the leading suppliers of anti-fatigue mats here in the UK and mainland Europe.  Our Orthomat® range, designed specifically to delay the onset of fatigue from regular prolonged standing on hard floor surfaces, is comprehensive and effective.  Manufactured from 100% closed cell PVC foam, these anti-fatigue mats provide comfortable underfoot cushioning to help take the strain out of standing.

If you are not already familiar with anti-fatigue mat offering, here are a few of our product highlights.



Orthomat Ultimate, the newest addition to our anti fatigue range and a product so innovative, it has been shortlisted for a health and safety industry award – a foam anti-fatigue mat encapsulated with a revolutionary PolyNit outer material providing flame-retardant and oil/chemical-resistant properties.  It’s the first high-density foam anti-fatigue mat to be truly suitable for oily, greasy and chemical-prone locations.  It’s a product that COBA Europe has developed.

Then we have the popular Orthomat Diamond with its raised ‘deckplate’ tread pattern surface for that extra traction underfoot.  We supply rolls and rolls of this product, especially to production lines, and many of our customers choose this in practical charcoal grey with the yellow safety borders.

Orthomat Ribbed


Orthomat Ribbed, a paler shade of grey, has a raised ribbed surface and conforms to slip resistance test DIN 51130. As with most products in the Orthomat anti-fatigue matting range, it can be purchased in a variety of lengths making it suitable for small workstations, or long production lines.

Those on a tighter budget, who want an effective solution to anti-fatigue from standing, can always opt for Orthomat Lite.  It may not be as thick as the other Orthomat products but it still offers relief from the fatigue caused by standing, and provides insulation from cold concrete floors.

And if grey is just not your colour, then we do have other anti-fatigue matting options such as Orthomat® Premium which is available in green, blue and black.

These are just a few, of an extensive range of anti-fatigue mats from COBA Europe, which are available from our industrial distributors nationwide.

It is important to understand that regular prolonged standing can lead to all sorts of health conditions, including Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) which are of growing concern to health and safety professionals across Europe.  In fact, over 40 million workers in Europe are affected by MSDs attributable to their work.  Pain and soreness to the feet are the obvious problems.  However, health conditions associated to regular prolonged standing on hard floor surfaces go far beyond this, and should not be ignored.

If you need advice on the right anti-fatigue mat for your environment, please get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team via contact form or tel 01162401118.